Subaru Timing Belt


Is it time to replace the Timing Belt in your Subaru?

-90,000 + Miles      -10 Years Or Older      -No Record of Repair       


The Timing Belt is what connects the Main Gear ( Crank Shaft ) of the Engine to Smaller Gears on The Cylinder Heads that opens and closes small Valves  

You should periodically check the Coolant in your Subaru with a Coolant Hydrometer to make sure the freeze point is good for at least -30 Celsius.  If  the Engine Coolant freezes it can crack the Engine Block and you will need to replace the Engine. Vehicles within the Salt Belt should be Mixed 60% Coolant 40% Water (Distilled Only). Always use the Correct type of Coolant and NEVER Mix Coolant Types.  

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