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Don't use full synthetic.

Using full synthetic oil in a fresh engine or turbocharger rebuild is a good way to cause premature oil burning and/or turbo leakage.

What happens?

Full synthetic oil is "to slippery" for new piston rings to handle and the molocules in full synthetic oil are to small filling every void. During the break in process the piston rings need to "seat " by a combination of crankcase pressure pushing the pist

n rings to the cylinder wall, as they are pushing against the cylinder wall the piston rings need to lightly scuff the crosshatching on the cylinder wall. If full synthetic oil is used during this critical process of ring seating chances are that in the future you will have an engine that consumes oil and or a turbo that leaks oil out of the compressor or exhaust turbine. As a rule of thumb, always use conventional oil with low detergents for the 1st 500 miles of engine/turbo break and then switch to the full synthetic of your choice. I personally prefer Castrol as it is high in Zinc.

Why is it good for engine oils to be high in Zinc?

Stay tuned and you will find out!

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