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Subaru Cylinder Head Gasket Problems

Issues with the Subaru Cylinder Head Gaskets on your Forester, Outback, Legacy, Impreza or Baja? Sorenson Automotive, Inc. Is here to help Our A.S.E Certified IND. Subaru Mechanics in Elko, Minnesota are very familiar with the issues as we typically repair 20-50 Leaking Subaru Head Gaskets Per Year . The Problem Year's include:

  • ALL EJ253 2.5 Engines.


Forester, Outback, Impeza

Legacy & Baja

One of the reasons that the head gaskets are prone to failure is because of the horizontally opposed setup. Normal inline Engines or V style Engines aren't as susceptible to this issue because oil and coolant are allowed to drain down past the cylinder head during times where the engine is not running. Subaru Cylinder Heads ) are constantly bathed in oil and coolant from the time they are manufactured to the end of service life. That means every day all day long the Cylinder Head Gaskets are soaking in a coolant and oil bath.

WRX, STI, and pretty much all DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) engines are not as prone to failure because they were designed with a 3 Layer MLS (Multi-Layer Steel Gasket)

But here is the catch... All the none turbo models were not installed with this 3 Layer MLS Gasket and instead use a steel "composite" gasket. EG: (Solid Oak v.s Partical Board) and quickly deteriorate over time. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Subaru uses "Coolant Conditioner" A.K.A Stop Leak right off the bat from the factory.

All EJ 2.5 Engines. STI, WRX. IMPREZA, LEGACY, FORESTER, and OUTBACK share the exact same engine profile. The same Head Gasket that fits the $40,000.00 STI fits the $20,000.00 Impreza.


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