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Are you having issues with the radiator in your vehicle?

-Engine Overheating      -Low Coolant      -Steaming       -Reduced Power  

-Poor Fuel Economy       -Engine Light       -Low Heat From Vents     

  • Are you smelling a sweet scent coming from your car?

  • Do you notice steam/smoke coming from the engine compartment?

  • Is your coolant low but you don't notice any visible leaks on the ground or in the engine bay area?

These are all signs that it may be time to replace the radiator in your vehicle.

~ Why am I smelling something unpleasantly sweet?                                               

The "sweet scent" that you are smelling is the ethylene glycol in the engine coolant.

   The seams and solder joints age and become weak within the radiator. Due to normal expansion and contraction it will develop small fractures or fissures along the seams where the aluminum mates with the plastic radiator housing. When the radiator is extremely hot, metals and small fractures expand, coolant will simply weep out of the radiator and instantly evaporate when it makes contact with hot aluminum.

~ If my Radiator is cracked, won't my coolant simply leak out when I don't use it?

   Well the answer to that is both Yes & No. If the fractures are small, usually at the beginning of radiator failure, you may not notice anything at all. As the radiator cools, the fractured joints and seams in the radiator will contract just enough to seal the coolant leak; keeping the majority of the coolant in the system.

It is extremely important to make sure that your coolant system is always operating at peak efficiency. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, it's time to bring your vehicle it into your favorite auto repair shop to have it checked out! 



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Periodically check the coolant in your vehicle with a Coolant Hydrometer to make sure the freeze point is good for at least -30 C. If  the coolant freezes it can crack the engine block and you will need to
replace the engine.
Vehicles within the salt belt should be using
Mixed 60% Coolant 40% Distilled Water Only
* Always use manufacturer recommended coolant.
* Never mix coolant types.  

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