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Best Cylinder Head Gasket Repair Cost in MN for Subaru WRX STI, WRX, Ascent, Forester, Outback Crosstek, Legacy, Impreza & Baja from Minnesota's best IND. Subaru Dealership Alternative.

Having Issues with the Subaru Cylinder Head Gaskets on your vehicle? That is unfortunate but Sorenson Automotive, Inc Is here to repair them for you!  Our A.S.E Certified IND. Subaru Mechanics in Savage Minnesota are very familiar with the Head Gasket Failure issues. The Subaru Head Gasket Problem Years range typically from the early 2000 Models to around 2014. 

One of the Reasons that the boxer engine is prone to failure is because of the horizontally opposed setup. Normal Inline Engines or V Style Engines aren't as susceptible to this issue because oil and coolant are allowed to drain down past the cylinder head during times where the engine is not running. Subaru Cylinder Heads ) are constantly bathed in oil and coolant from the time they are manufactured to the end of service life. That means every day all day long the Cylinder Head Gaskets are soaking in a coolant and oil bath.


WRX, STI, and pretty much all DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) engines are not as prone to failure because they were designed with a 3 Layer MLS (Multi-Layer Steel Gasket). 

But here is the catch... All the Lower End models were not installed with this 3 Layer MLS Gasket however All EJ 2.5 Engines. STI, WRX. IMPREZA,  LEGACY, FORESTER, and OUTBACK share the exact same engine profile. The same Gasket that fits the $40,000.00 STI fits the $20,000.00 Impreza. 

So that's what we do... We Install the gaskets that should have been installed in the 1st place. If you do have a DOHC Turbo Engine that has had Cylinder Head Gasket Failure we have an upgraded Subaru head gasket and fix for that as well!

We feel that our company offers the best Subaru Head Gasket Repair Cost to Quality in MN for Turbo & Non-Turbo Boxer Engines