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 Turbo Charger Replacement | Rebuild





Upgraded Bushings, Oversized Thrust Washers, and VSR Balanced to Perfection. 

Is your turbo charger burning oil

Is the turbo making noise, or completely failed altogether?


 Sorenson Automotive is here to help! 

 Don't go rushing out to purchase a brand new turbo charger assembly.

8 Out of 10 times we are able to rebuild your turbo back to factory specifications as long as the turbo housing has not been damaged.

For more information on

turbo rebuilds & replacements

 please give us a call!


Subaru Turbo Rebuild Replacement Mn Midwest

Here at Sorenson Automotive, Inc.

we are a small family owned automotive repair & dealership in Savage, Minnesota.

We have a variety of pre-owned

 cars, trucks and SUVs for sale.

Reconditioned & ready for new owners!


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